Frustration: not to be able to run when you looked forward to it. Or wake up some time after pressing the snooze button and realize you have to rush to get ready for work and (again) miss your run.

Tonight I am going to bed early. Tomorrow there will be some running… But the Bible says one should not boast about tomorrow because we do not know what will happen. Rephrase: I PLAN to go running tomorrow. 🙂

Whenever my morning schedule “runs” late I have some choices to make. What should be included and what should be excluded? Let’s make time with God not negotiable. Prayer and reading the Bible is the best way to start a day. After that comes running, getting to work on time, washing the dishes, eating, feeding the dogs, whatever. Which reminds me, I better go and feed them now so that I can get in bed early enough so that – you guessed it …

Keep running!