8k 49min (Around the lake)

What did you get for Christmas?  I got some new running shoes.  Adidas Cushion 20s.
Almost a year after getting my Nike Air shoes, the soles wore through and the air escaped. Stones and sand started getting in there. I did not even run that many kilometers on them – probably only about 1000.  Be warned against them! So this made my Christmas present this year necessary… 🙂

I still wear the New Balance shoes I got 8 years ago.  I do not run with them, but they are very comfortable walking shoes and I even played soccer with them. Since then I enjoyed Asics (did the Comrades with it in 2006) and had another pair that our cleaning person threw away.

I test drove my Adidas today.  First impressions are good.

On a side note I came in my Bible reading (listening) to Mathew 5 now and listened through the Sermon on the Mount a few times (chapter 5 to 7) I am going to try to memorize it. The teaching of Jesus is so different from anything else and opposite to common culture, but anyone could get his Adidas to run according to these it will surely be a wonderful change.

Some pictures taken behind the lake…

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