+- 6k 33min (10X200m uphill repeats)

I remember the previous time I did the same workout – it was probably about 2 months back.  And I remember that I was a lot more tired after that. It is good when you realize that you are making progress. One should keep on trying to be better at what you do.

I have settled for being mediocre in some aspects of my life.  One cannot be great at everything. But there are some areas where I know I should never settle: Being a great husband and father is one thing I have to seriously work on in 2012. (I heard recently on “Focus on the Family” that I am replaceable as a manager at the company, but irreplaceable in my home.)  Being a better student of the Bible and a more devoted man of prayer is another area. Becoming kinder and more caring and a better listener are all part of it.

If I have time I would like to become a better singer and musician, but that is negotiable.  Becoming a better runner, too.

Keep improving!