I know it is not quite the end of the year yet, but I am off to be with my family in South Africa and may not (who knows) have time for another post.

This was a good year for various reasons, but mostly because of the people.

  • The guys and girls of “Chandigarh runners” spurring each other on like no group I have been involved in until now. Thank you! It was quite a ride. This morning during the Panchkula half marathon there were all these guys running from beginning to end in pouring rain and cold. Thanks for accepting this quiet foreigner in your midst.
  • The volunteers and bands of the Chandigarh Jazz Fest. It was great to rub shoulders with a dedicated bunch like that. Thanks for allowing me to be involved in such a momentous event. And let’s do it again!
  • My colleagues at GP Sourcing who accepted me as boss and co-struggler. Thanks for your trust (however misplaced it sometimes is!) and companionship.
  • The Tennis club guys. Even though I am a pretty poor tennis player, I enjoy it so much. Thanks for letting Irene and I share in your world, your jokes and your friendship.
  • Our reading and discussion group with all the great plans for 2015. It was inspiring to keep learning about God’s Word (Bible) and see how to apply it here in India. Thank you!
  • But having said all that, the best place for me where I feel most at ease is with my wife and my three children (yes… and the cat and the dog). Thank you that even though you know me for who I really am that you still love and accept me. I love you too.

For a few weeks I will be doing my running in summer on the beach. 🙂  To my friends in Chandigarh, see you again sometime in January.

Beach close to my parents house
Beach close to my parents house

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