The morning air was crisp and the enthusiasm high as about 40 people gathered at the Sukhna lake.

I had a quick Skype call with my brother who was all set to start cycling. We prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to protect us all.

After some scrambling to get the provisions distributed between the cyclists, the biker, and the cars we were off around 6:45.

I ran with my daughter for the first 11k. After she turned off to our house, I started running a bit faster. Bad idea.

All went OK until marathon distance, but I was starting to feel the effect of my earlier fast running.

At 50k my wheels were starting to come off. I started more religiously following the 25 minutes running followed by 5 minutes walking.

But before 1 pm I realized I will have to stop for a while. So the support crew went ahead and found a tea stall.(The support crew did a fantastic job to keep everyone hydrated and fed.)  I sat, I drank tea, I ate a banana. I rested only about 10 minutes.
Then it was the last stretch of 15k on the main road to Patiala. Lots of cars, trucks, buses coming past at high speed. After a short period of feeling revived I was back to feeling really tired and sore. I modified my running walking schedule to 10 / 2, then 10 / 3,  then 10 / 4. I borrowed some earphones to listen to music.
It was a huge relief when I finally finished in 8h and 52 minutes. All honor to my Friend.

I was welcomed with flowers,  kind words, and a photo session. When I finally got to sit I had the strangest feeling of intense needles and pins all over my upper body.  I lay down and it slowly subsided.  What was that? Let me know if you have an idea.

Then it was the torture chamber with the physiotherapist at Maharani Club…

We had tea and more tea and then coffee as it got later and other runners started coming in. Dharminder, the main organizer came in last, but extremely happy. It was a first for him and even though he was not prepared, he did it in about 11 hours and 20 minutes. Every one of the runners completed what they set out to do. Eleven of us finished 71 to 74k (depending on their respective GPS variations)

My brother also completed his 210k cycling in 14 hours and 02 minutes. Fantastic time.


I heard that Marie also completed her 7k swimming in 2.5 hours. Well done!


As I write this we are waiting for dinner. My legs are sore and we are expected to run again tomorrow morning with the Patiala runners.

It was awesome. What started with one idea that I am sure God put in my heart, became so much bigger. Thank you Dharminder, Avii, Joy, Amarjit, Marie, Nicolai and everyone else. May God bless you for this selfless effort.

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