It is a gift from Above to get to see yourself as you are. Even if it is just one true thing. I had such a moment two days ago at bed-time. I was reading a book on my Kindle app (The Rescue: Seven People, Seven Amazing Stories by Jim Cymbala) over lunch that day. Something that I read and the Holy Spirit must have triggered this insight.

I saw the type of dad that I became. Overly critical. Always seeing what is wrong. My son must think that my love depends on his good behaviour. So I saw a glimpse of myself, and I did not like that. My response was repentance to God. And through his strength, I will be a better dad.

It is only through clear insight like this, that change is possible. Repentance is necessary which is a u-turn in the road. Forgiveness (by God) follows repentance. And then change. Seeing truth causes change.

And so I can become a better mirror for my son. I can help my son see the truth about himself that he is loved. And not just by me, but by the origin of love, the original Lover, by God himself. It is so much easier to change and to want to change in the atmosphere and security of unconditional love.

If someone gives you feedback, see it as a gift. Truth hurts sometimes, but it is good pain. A physiotherapist working on my stiff muscles after a marathon causes a lot of pain, but it heals. Truth cuts deep sometimes, but it can heal if we let it.

And when we give feedback, let it be in love. Let’s be mirrors that reflect the truth gently to those around us. Let others see your love and God’s love and the truth about themselves. This is only possible through the power and grace of God through Jesus Christ.


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