I just read through this post again and thought it may be a good one for others to also rediscover.

Running with a Friend

Today Burger King switched the wrappings of our burgers and Bikram and I realized it one bite too late. The guy at the counter simply dumped it in the bin and proceeded to make us new burgers.
I can only imagine the tons of food wasted here every day from the thousands (millions?) of restaurants. And I think about the millions of hungry people elsewhere. Here you have scores of people sweating it out in the gym to try to shake off the excess which they consume every day while many more do not even bother.
You have people driving gas-guzzling 4X4 pickups on the interstate, burning our planet’s precious fuel supply and contributing to global heating simply because they can.

I think of when Jesus multiplied the bread he asked his disciples to pick up the left-over pieces so that nothing will be wasted. Here you have the abundance…

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