Saturday morning:

I wanted to run on the trail starting from Dadu Majra, but getting there was almost half the distance. So I zigzagged my way across the city to get there. I started late since I wanted to run in the heat of the day. It is logical that half of the 24-hour stadium run will be in the daylight and there is no shade on the track…

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 5.06.28 PM
The yellow line is where all the fun was for me.

IMG_20190223_085959264_HDRIMG_20190223_084519850 (1)IMG_20190223_085734823 (1)

I wondered if I should also show this photo… Life is not all beautiful. There is a lot of this kind of thing all around.

30 kilometres done.

Meanwhile, my son decided that he also wants to do something more than the couch to 5k which he is currently joining. So he ran 60 times around the park. I measured it with Mapmyrun: just short of 10k!

Saturday afternoon:

It was a marathon of a different kind. I had a dentist appointment for root canal treatment. It was not too painful, thankfully. I noticed that the dentist struggled a bit especially when he commented that all three the roots were anomalous. In which way, I do not know. But I had to keep my mouth open for one and a half hours.

Saturday later afternoon:

My son and I went to Sukhna Lake and had a boat ride.


Then we got a haircut. And after that, the two of us played table tennis. He is great for his age. If he could only keep a positive attitude.

Also got connected to a group of running South Africans. And joined their monthly distance challenge.

Sunday morning:

Ran 15k. Uneventful. Not too fast, not too slow.

Skipped church and rather started to read a book which I ordered. “A case for faith” by Lee Strobel. Looks promising. If you have lots of objections and questions about believing in a loving God in an evil world, this is the book for you. Seems honest. No pat answers. I think we are not asked to believe blindly, but to apply our minds and logically understand as much as we can about what we believe. Still, there is a point beyond all human logic since how can we as created beings claim to fully know and understand the one that created us?


Sunday afternoon:

I dropped my son at his music lesson and then my daughter and I went for a quick coffee. After that, we went to play frisbee and have a picnic in Nature Valley. If you do frisbee right with full commitment, it is great speed work. On the way back in the car my daughter and I discussed incorporating it as a fun element into the running group. And then we thought of soccer and chicklets and other running games. I think our group needs a bit of fun and variety!


Later Sunday afternoon: 

I talk to my other daughter in South Africa. She seems to be doing fine. Then I write my blog!

In about ten minutes I have to start making pizzas. Every Sunday is my turn to prepare a meal. The rest of the time my wife does it.

Keep running