The garden of springs

This is a lovely garden. I have many times passed through it on my way elsewhere, but on Friday we decided to run there. That is, Arvind and I went running there from my house which gave us 6 kilometers. Amrit joined us there to run another 5. And then Arvind and I had to run back again.

Location: Google maps link

Description: Lush and green with big lawns and trees. It is right next to the Attawa canal around which many if not most of the big gardens in and around Chandigarh have been sculpted. They have these enormous cement structures like flying saucers. Some are just for shade and shelter, and two have washrooms under them. It is funny that the garden seems well maintained towards the one big entrance, but elsewhere not so well.

Surface: Tiled paths or grass. There is no track all around, but here and there you find a good enough path flattened by many feet. Walkers. We did not see other runners in this garden which is kinda strange these days.

Lighting: Not much.

Washrooms: Two, but the one (not close to the main entrance) was (mildly put) not clean.

Parking: Yes.

Beauty: Above average. In some places even stunning.

Atmosphere: I just loved the big open spaces. Some parts felt luxurious, and others neglected.

Rating: 6 out of 10



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